Shafii Kadkani, the poet
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Shafii Kadkani

   The song of wind and rain

   You are kinder than a leaf under the kisses of rain
   The wakefulness of stars in the eyes of streams

   The mirror of your eyes the unity of morning and shore
   Your rare smile a star-pouring morning

   Come back, cause in your absence, my silent insanity
   Made the mountainous rocks scream

   You running brook, don't run from this shadow leaf
   Since this opportunity has been missed by so many

   The wall of life has been painted with memories
   By many before you and me

   You said : "Love has set in my heart over time," I said:
   You can not strike it out even by time

   Till remains in the world the song of wind and rain
   Our love melody will remain after you and me