Sohrab Sepehri

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Sohrab Sepehri

      "The Foot Steps Of Water"

       Life's a pleasant tradition. 
       Life's wing is as vast as death. 
       Life's a jump the size of love. 
       Life's not something, 
       we put on the mantel of habit 
       and forget. 

       It does not matter where I am. 
       The sky is always mine. 
       Windows, ideas, air, love, 
       earth, all mine. 
       Why does it matter if sometimes, 
       the mushrooms of nostalgia grow? 

       Let's take off our clothes. 
       Water is just a foot away. 
       Let's have a basket and 
       fill it up with all the greens 
       and all the reds. 

       We are not to comprehend;
       the secret of roses, but maybe 
       swiming in the incantation of roses. 
       Or may be looking for 
       the song of truth 
       between the morning glory, 
       and the century.