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Sohrab Sepehri

      A Message on the Road

      One day
      I will come, and bring a message.

      I will pour light into veins.
      And will cry out: O whose baskets are full of sleep!
      I brought you apples, the red apple of the sun

      I will present to the beggar a jasmine flower.
      I will give the pretty leper woman a gift of earrings.
      I will tell the blind man: The garden is so spectacular!
      I will be a peddler, peddle through alleys and cry out:
      Dew, dew, dew.
      A passerby will say: honestly, tonight is a dark night,
      I will give her the Milky Way.
      There is a legless girl on the bridge,
      I will put a constellation of stars around her neck.

      I will take away all the curses on the lips.
      I will tear down all the walls.

    Translated by Mahvash Shahegh